De La Espada is industrial design with a warm heart where luxury is expressed through tactile materials and obsessive detailing. Specialising in solid wood, our dedicated factory in Northern Portugal unites industry with small scale production, advanced technology with handcraft. Our craftsmen and craftswomen take pride in their work and apply their expertise to create the most aesthetically and structurally enduring furniture possible.

The human being is at the centre of everything we do. We have a strong belief in the power of design to transform people’s lives, and our products are created with this in mind: emotional connection is valued equally to function. This manifests in the comfort, tactility, detailing and endurance of our products, informed by the passion of those who work to create them. From the designer to the craftsperson, there is pride in work well done, in rising to challenges and getting every detail right. De La Espada products are imbued with warmth and meaning brought by the hands that bear them.

De La Espada was founded in 1993 by Luis De Oliveira and Fatima De La Espada. Hailing from Porto and Madrid respectively and educated in London, the founders opened the first De La Espada store in London in 1996, when there was comparatively little quality contemporary furniture in the city. The De La Espada aesthetic evolved from influences including the Arts and Crafts movement, architects such as Tadao Ando, Luis Barragan, John Pawson, and Alvaro Siza, and Scandinavian design from the 1950s. De La Espada operated as a designer/manufacturer/retailer of their own products until 2007 when they began to enter into the second phase of the business.

We focus on the key pieces of furniture for the home:

A place to eat, rest, sleep and work.