Cork is a natural material made from cork oak bark. Our cork is reconstituted, allowing for complex forms and varying thicknesses. Cork is light, durable, and has a pleasantly soft feel.

For daily maintenance, dust the surface with a dry soft cloth. Use a damp cloth for periodic cleaning. Do not use spirits, bleaches or any other chemical cleaners to clean the cork. Please ensure that direct contact with hot objects is avoided. Avoid spillages and do not use any corrosive products such as bleach anywhere near the cork. Any spillages should be wiped clean immediately. Once the immediate spillage is cleared, ensure that the whole surface is wiped clean. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Keep away from extreme temperatures and climate changes. Not for use near a radiator. It is essential that you care for your wood furniture by normalising its living conditions as much as possible. A humidifier can provide a consistent climate for the wood so it does not dry out during the winter months.