Great Court Restaurant, which opened at the British Museum in January 2014 is part of the award-winning Benugo family of restaurants. Located on a mezzanine floor above the world-famous Reading Room, the restaurant sits directly beneath the curved steel and glass roof of the Norman Foster-designed Great Court.

The thoughtful redesign by Softroom creates a welcoming space that is ideal for light bites and informal dining as well as appealing to the finer dining clientele. Design updates include an entrance in the centre of the restaurant, additional communal dining tables, an open kitchen and a central charcuterie table, as well as two re-vamped wings for private dining on either side of the restaurant. The restaurant celebrates high quality, locally sourced food with a fresh focus on traditional European dishes. Diners enjoy the comfort of Solo Bar Stool and Solo Dining Chair designed by Neri&Hu, and manufactured by De La Espada craftsmen.