Located in London’s Clerkenwell district, Sosharu is an upscale Japanese izakaya restaurant by chef Jason Atherton. Inspired by traditional Japanese minka houses from the Edo era, Neri&Hu designed the restaurant with a timber structure in the centre. Sheltered within the domestic warmth of the timber ‘house’ is the main dining area, where guests can enjoy an intimate meal, while still participating in the social aspect of dining through the layering of lightweight kōshi timber screens and mirrored reflections along the outer walls.

Surrounding the ‘house’ are classic idealised Japanese landscape elements: the ‘earthen terrace’ corridor, the cold bar and dispense bar as feature ‘rocks’, the private dining tsubo-niwa ‘garden’ and the deep azure ‘sky’ above. The chef’s table, Kisetsu, meaning ‘seasons,’ occupies a discreet corner of the landscape, curtained off with Japanese indigo-dyed noren curtains printed with the Sosharu emblem. Guests are installed at a U-shaped counter reminiscent of those intimate neighbourhood izakaya where the chef greets you by name, prepares your food before your eyes and serves it to you directly.

Neri&Hu furniture made by De La Espada features in the main dining area including Shaker Chair, Shaker Bench, and Shaker Round Table. Capo Bar Stool is used at the bar.

Photo credit: Pedro Pegenaute