Sofa Eight by Neri&Hu is a modular seating system comprising five key modules, and many possible configurations.

Download the Sofa Eight worksheet for a complete list of modules, including measurements and small throw cushion counts. Additional throw cushions are available separately.

Find common configurations in the Sofa Eight worksheet. Numerous other configurations are also possible, by combining the modules in a variety of ways.

Connection hardware will be provided to fix the individual modules into the
configuration ordered.

Each module’s seat height is: 45cm | 17 3/4”

The Timber Table module can be attached to the side of any sofa module where there is not already an arm. This table adds 30cm | 11 4/5” to the overall length or width, as relevant.


Neri&Hu is an inter-disciplinary award-winning architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China, with an additional office in London. With their product line, ‘neri&hu’ they seek alternatives to the normative, questioning the potential in ‘Chinese design.’ neri&hu is the reinterpretation of the beauty in the raw material, changing perceptions through what is revealed, examining history and its path, or capturing an ordinary scene in a snapshot.

“We’re designing it in China and having it made in Portugal. Why? Because it’s really just the best craft we’ve seen so far. What we’re saying is that China needs to step out there and show the world that we can also design and create,” Neri&Hu.